Uncover the World is the brainchild of Danniell Saunders, part-owner & Marketing Manager of Encounters Travel – an adventure tour operator based out of UK and with offices in Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

In 2017, Dan saw the need to improve the SEO and Digital Marketing of Encounters Travel. Having worked with various SEO agencies – he felt that they never quite understood his business goals and the nature of the travel industry.

Dan made the decision that he needed expert help from people well versed in the travel industry. Thus, he acquired the help of Jarred Manasse – a Content Manager who has over eight years experience in digital marketing for travel companies in South Africa as well as Janneman Human – the owner of a London Facebook Marketing Agency called EasyWebSolve. Janneman has over 13 years of online experience and previously worked in the travel industry with Expedia and Expat Explore Travel.

Within a few months, Dan began to see the results of working with online marketing experts with travel industry experience. Encounters Travel’s organic and direct traffic to the website grew exponentially and their social media accounts began to show engagement that drove high intent traffic to the website as well as bookings!

As a result of their success, Danniell, Janneman and Jarred decided to offer their services to small to medium sized travel companies all over the globe. Uncover the World’s digital marketing and search engine optimization services ranges from social media management, keyword research, technical SEO, competitor analysis, email marketing, content marketing and so much more.

Our Values

  • We vow to continue to learn and improve our digital marketing services
  • We will go the extra mile to ensure that your business goals are met
  • We will always be honest and realistic
  • We don’t just talk, we get the job done
  • We’ll keep things simple
  • We believe in good communication skills and will remain friendly throughout our journey with you

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Danniell Saunders

Jarred Manasse

Janneman Human

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